One pair of glasses for everyday use and safer driving.

We have been dispensing these lenses virtually since they have been launched in the Uk well over 3 years ago, but our Dispensing Optician, Rob has been dealing with ‘driving’ lenses for well over 10 years. “The main difference with these Zeiss lenses, is that Zeiss have been one of the first manufactures that have produced a lens that works brilliantly for night driving, but is a lens you can wear everyday – all day. Before these lenses you had to have two pairs, your main everyday pair and your night time driving pair.”

Available in Single vision and Varifocal designs, photochromatic and high index (thinner) materials, the Zeiss Drivesafe is really a one lens solution. Rob also notes ” We have also found these lenses to be beneficial to Patients that spend a long time on computers and tablets as the DriveSafe coating is brilliant at eliminating some of the troublesome blue light that these devices emit”

Below is what Zeiss have to say about these lenses:

“Many people feel insecure, uncomfortable and stressed when driving, especially in difficult light and weather conditions such as rain and mist, or at dusk or night. On average 83% of spectacle lens wearers* also drive. Driving can be a real challenge for everybody – no matter how long the distance, and good vision is vital for safety.

With ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses, ZEISS is introducing a new lens product category for everyday use. It is specifically designed to meet the vision needs of people who want to feel safer and more comfortable when driving with their everyday lenses.
ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses are available in both single vision and progressive lens types.

-Luminance Design® Technology by ZEISS takes into account the pupil size in low-light conditions

-ZEISS DuraVision DriveSafe Coating reduces perceived glare.

-ZEISS DriveSafe Lens Design incorporates an up to 43% larger mid-distance zone for easier focus switching between the dashboard and mirrors. And up to 14% larger far-distance vision zone for a wider view of the road.

The benefits for the wearer

– One pair of glasses for everyday use and safer driving:

– Better vision in low light conditions for safer and more comfortable driving

– Reduced glare at night from oncoming cars or street lights

– Accurate vision of the road, dashboard, rear-view mirror and side mirrors”