“Improved vision for Macular Degeneration patients”

Scartho eyecare have introduced a new lens aimed at helping people with reduced vision caused by glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, retinitis pigmentosa and macular degeneration.

“We have been delighted with the level of visual improvement that we have seen with the patients we have trialed with the lens” Says Alison, Lead Optometrists at Scartho eyecare.

The E-scoop loupe lens has a special curve, thickness, prism, colour and coating. These qualities together will project the light onto a different part of the retina and can improve your vision dramatically. The result of the E-scoop loupe lens is different per person. The best result has been noted when one has a visual acuity between 3% and 45%. In some cases there can be an improvement of 1.5x the current acuity.

E-scoop lenses can offer:

• Partial recovery of a part of the central vision

• Reduction of the sensitivity for day and sunlight

• Better recognition of details, contrast and depth.

Available in single vision, in the range shown below, fitted to either a clip-on or glazed to a full rimmed spectacle frame.

E-scoop – Frequently Asked Questions

How does E-scoop work?

E-scoop is a patented loupe spectacle lens, which is built on a number of basic optical features:

• The thickness and curve of the lens ensures a magnification of 6% for distance.

• The prismatic effect of the lens causes the light to reflect to a different part of the macula, that of higher quality.

• The base of the prism is up, because research shows that the lower part of the macula generally suffers the most damage. So get the image shifted upwards to a healthier part of the macula.

• The yellow colour provides more contrast and a reduction of the sensitivity for daylight and sunlight.

• The anti-reflection coating helps to reduce glare

How long does it take to get used to E-scoop?

• Adaption time to E-scoop is quick. By putting on their E-scoop spectacles, your customer will experience the positive effect directly.

In which frames can E-scoop be fitted?

• The best results are achieved in plastic or metal full-rim oval frames, which are slightly curved and not too large.

• Rimless and supra frames are not suitable for E-scoop, because of the Index (Plastic 1.5 index), thickness, prism and curve.

The prism in E-scoop shifts the image – is it like eccentric viewing spectacles?

• E-scoop is not an eccentric viewing spectacle. Because macular degeneration causes damage in the inferior part of the macula, E-scoop shifts the image up to a healthier part. E-scoop keeps the image in the macular area. Most of the time, people are looking for the best quality of image; using E-scoop spectacles this process is repeatable, whilst also providing a restful view of the image.

E-scoop demonstration set

Scartho eyecare have invested in the E-Scoop demonstration set, where a Plano E-Scoop clip on is fitted over existing Spectacles to give the patient an idea of the improvement that the custom lenses could provide.

What to do now?

If you are, or you know someone that may benefit from these lenses then we can organise a demonstration. Please contact our Waltham Road Practice asking to book in for a demonstration of the E-Scoop lenses. There is no charge for the demonstration.

Phone number : 01472 877235