Choose your main pair from our Fantastic Free range using your NHS Optical Voucher and then choose another for just £20!

This promotion is great for parents who are wanting more than one pair of Spectacles for their child, either as a spare pair, or because there are so many colours and styles of frames, just wanting a second pair!

Either pair can be upgraded, which will be the price on the labels + £20 for the second pair.

Every child is professionally dispensed by our qualified, registered Opticians ensuring the correct fit and function of the spectacles and all Patients are welcomed back at any time if there are any adjustments or repairs needed on the spectacles. An NHS voucher can also be issued towards the costs of repairing spectacles for patients who are under 16 (see note below)

Each child will receive an NHS optical voucher after an eye examination where there is a new prescription, change in prescription or the existing spectacles need replacing. If your child is having the eye examination at Scartho eyecare we will automatically sort out the NHS voucher for you.The NHS also cover the costs of routine standard eye examinations for all under 16’s and children under the age of 18 in further education.

( The 2nd pair will be classed as a private pair, the NHS will not help towards the cost of repairing/replacing this pair )

choose 2 pairs for £20.